Universal OnePage Checkout Plugin

Let your customers complete the checkout in one single step. Blend shopping cart with checkout. Make the purchasing process much easier and faster. Reduce the percentage of shopping cart abandonment with our One Page Checkout extension.

Online business is growing very fast day-to-day and with online shopping are moving rapidly towards mobile, convenience is becoming a must for customers. Purchasing products online should be simple with only two or three clicks. According to Baymard Institute 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned and that 37% of shoppers do not finish their purchase when they are needed to create an account.

One page checkout process is easy and offers all details upfront for customers (shipping method, shipping address and payment information ), unlike multi-step checkout — where purchasing a product takes more time. Having one page checkout will boost conversion rate and reduce the percentage of shopping cart abandonment. Online shop having a one-page checkout need their customers to make fewer clicks than customers checking out on an online store that has a multi-page checkout.

The default checkout process integrated with nopCommerce platform took users through number of steps. That’s why we decided to develop One Step Checkout to simplify the process.

if you need more features, you can always write to us.


  • Manages cart and checkout process together on a single page.
  • Allows to disable/enable shopping cart page.
  • When shopping cart page is disable both checkout page and cart page will be on same page and when enable the cart page will be appear seperately.
  • Allows to enable/disable the estimate shipping,when enables it shows the estimate shipping.
  • Options to enable/disable the gift card box and discount box.
  • Shopping cart and checkout process can be easily manage.
  • Allows to enable/disable order note box which is shown in admin.
  • Allows to set the default payment and shipping country to avoid validation messages.
  • Different theme colors can be selected for the one page checkout.
  • Multi-store supported.
  • Multi-currency supported.
  • Supported in nopCommerce version 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40 and 4.50
  • Open to enhance One page checkout plug-in with other features, please suggest.

Available License Options with Plugin

  • Single version License:
    • The Single Version License grants you perpetual license to use product you’ve purchased.
    • Single license is valid only for single nopCommerce version you have opted at the time of purchase and upgrades are covered only for opted version of nopCommerce.
    • Access to product upgrades and support for the period you have opted at the time of your purchase which could be either 30 days or One Year from the time of purchase.
    • You can not renew the license and need to place a fresh order after completion of the support period.
  • Download License:
    • The Download License grants you perpetual license to use product you’ve purchased.
    • Download license is good for all nopCommerce version and upgrades are covered for all supported version of nopCommerce.
    • Access to product upgrades and support for one calendar year.
    • If needed you can renew the license at discount on completion of one year.
  • Trial License:
    • The Trial License grants you limited license to use product for trial purposes with limited features.
    • Trial license gives you access to use our product for the period of 10 days.

For more details visit us at: http://www.nopaccelerate.com/. If you have any question or comments, feel free to contact us.

Attribute nameAttribute value
NopCommerce Version4.00
NopCommerce Version4.10
NopCommerce Version4.20
NopCommerce Version4.30
NopCommerce Version4.40
NopCommerce Version4.50
Universal OnePage Checkout Plugin Trial
Universal OnePage Checkout Plugin Single Version License - nopCommerce 4.50