nopAccelerate Search (Free)

nopAccelerate Search is the advanced search plugin for nopCommerce.
It offers significant performance optimization and Ajax Faceting with UI enhancements for Search Result Pages.

nopAccelerate Search integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce to enhance your site’s full text search results. It uses Apache Solr’s capable, powerful and blazing fast search engine to offers you faster and improved search results including faceted search, spell suggest, and many other features.

Why nopAccelerate Search?

Because, Better and Faster Search Results = More revenue

If your visitors can not find the products they are looking for very easily and quickly then they will turn to your competitors’ website and you will lose a potential client.

nopAccelerate Search can help you improve your Search in numbers of ways:

  • With Ajax Faceted Navigation on Search Results, your visitors can find products easily and much faster
  • Page Loads very quickly with blazing fast Ajax Facet filters
  • Making your site respond very fast (Improving response time - It improve your back-end application performance and not just front-end performance)
  • True Full-Text search capability
  • Blazingly Fast Search Results compared to MSSQL full text search
  • Enhanced product find-ability
  • Offering suggestions for misspelled terms (Did you mean?)
  • Custom Search Relevance based on Configurations
  • Search Results Elevation
  • Sorting on Search Result page
  • Facet Filters or Layered Navigation on Search Results page (supports facets for Categories, Manufacturer, Product Specification Filter and Product Attributes Filter)
  • Supports Stop Words, Synonyms, Sponsored Results

The nopAccelerate Search plugin is:

  • Well Documented and Professionally Supported (Review Getting Started documentation)
  • Actively developed (faster bug fixes, adding new features & more performance optimization with each release)
  • Easy to install, you can start using in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy to use & configure
  • Compatible with CDN network
  • Comes with Open / Editable View Files
  • Compatible with third-party of the theme
  • Can be installed without any down time

Available License Options

You can order for different license depending on your requirements. Please understand license options before you proceed with order.

  • Free License gives you access to download and use the plugin for single store and single language with limitation of 1000 catalog size. Note that this license doesn’t include hosted Solr core.

For more details visit us at: If you have any question or comments, feel free to contact us.

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